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Hello, this is Justin from and today, we will review the Rolex Datejust36. The reference number for this watch is 116200. we will go over the price, dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, and clasp. We'll discuss the developments at the end of the video. Right. So, starting December 2017, you can purchase these replica watches from an authorized Rolex retailer for $6,600 plus tax. Or, you can visit and get it at the most affordable price. Of course, our prices are subject to change from this date onwards. Well, now let's move on to it.

116200 Rolex Datejust Mens Automatic


The Datejust has a very simple dial configuration and at the 12:00 position, we have the Rolex crown logo. The Rolex Datejust Oyster has the permanent name written under it. There are also hour markers Specifically for this configuration, we are working on Roman numerals, white dial. The date is located at the 3:00 position and has a solitaire above the sapphire crystal that can be magnified to easily view that date. The good. So for all Datejust, Datejust always has numerous configurations, especially 116200. You can use the same Roman numerals but you can also set it in white ...... so we have white and you can also choose silver, black or blue. The same can be said for the indication hour markers, they have a glowing chromatic high display. That can be white, silver, blue or black dial. If you are not interested in indexes or Roman numerals, you can use Arabic numerals to get it, using only one dial style, which is a silver dial with blue numerals. Or the special floral pattern used by Rolex, which has some sort of floral background and a higher position on those floral patterns, which give the replica watches larger sizes.


The bezel, very simple. Replica Rolex Datejust bezel is just a high polished steel dome, and that's why it's a watch. As you can see, we have this high polish that patterns nicely and has a high polish on the top and bottom of the lugs. Nice high polish to go with it. The size of the case, you're looking at a 36mm case. So, from my index finger to my thumb, the diameter is 36mm. The side profile of the case is nicely high polished again. The sides of the bracelet are very well polished with a high polish pattern. As the sides of the bracelet are also highly polished. The same can be said about the other side of the bracelet. Or the same as on the other side of the case.


The crown itself bears the Rolex crown logo. Replica Rolex Datejust crown is a screw-in double locking double waterproof system. It simply deploys counterclockwise. The first position allows the watch to be rotated clockwise. Only 15 to 20 clockwise winds are required to start the watch from a dead stop. Simply pulling out the crown again places you in the next position, where you can immediately adjust the date. As you can see, the date changes very quickly and easily by turning clockwise. The final position will stop the seconds hand. And it allows you to set the hands in both directions, stop the seconds hand and make a precise time setting, which you can set to the exact number of seconds. Pressing the crown back in again will start the seconds hand and always make sure to tighten and hold the crown tightly against the case because you want to keep this watch water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet.


For this bracelet, we have Rolex's beautiful Jubilee bracelet, which is a five-piece long bracelet featuring... The central three piece links are nicely polished. The exterior of the three piece links are standard finish or brushed steel. They create a nice contrast and bring more shine to the watch ...... brings shine to the bracelet. As I have shown you throughout the bracelet, you will see a nice continuous pattern throughout the bracelet. The bracelet is broken up by the Rolex crown logo in the middle. This is actually where the clasp is located. Simply pull out and pull on that crown to open the highly polished clasp blade with the Rolex name engraved on it. The good. That's what it looks like, nice and hidden. I can show you that this is what the clasp looks like when it is hidden behind the bracelet itself.


The movement is one of replica Rolex Datejust tried and true movements. This is the movement that they have been using for over 10 years. This is their 3135 movement, which is also used in sports replica watches like the Submariner or Deepsea. this is a 3135 in-house constant-motion mechanical automatic discovery movement. Accuracy is -2 / + 2 seconds per day and features a center hour, minute and second hand for instant date changes and a quick set and stop second hand with a function for precise time setting. The crown function is shown to you. The oscillator, paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, adds extra anti-magnetic to the watch for more accurate timekeeping and the watch has a 48 hour power reserve which means you can put it back on a Friday night on a Sunday afternoon and it should keep time very well. Okay, now let me go ahead and proceed and show you this watch on the wrist. So again, find that crown, very easy, very nice to open. As you can see, the anniversary model is just that. It's beautifully patterned on the underside of the wrist and throughout. Okay. Well, that's the watch on my wrist. So if you are interested in getting this model or any other model at the lowest possible price, please visit our website at We guarantee it at the lowest possible price and we offer a one year warranty.

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